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Lorraine Curmi – Club President

2017−2018 Officers and Committees

President: Lorraine Curmi
Vice President: Sue Lefever
Treasurer: Debbie Hoffman
Secretary: Paulette Baker
Sergeant-At-Arms: Ellie Gietzen
Board Members: Nancy Miller, Lillian VanDoorn & Jim McCoy
Past President: Chris Sharp
Club Booth: Jim Curmi
Charities: Sarah Wilsher
Club Liaison / Give-Aways: Sue Lefever
Outgoing Correspondence/Call List: Barb LaFerle
Fanfare Editor: Courtney Fathers
Incoming Clubs: Kathy Johnson-McHugh
Convention / Membership / Incoming Correspondence: Kathy Hoffman
Merchandise: Sally Wilsher
Parliamentarian: Rick Flower
Raffle: Diane Hoffman
Social: Lorraine Curmi
Social Media: Ashley Zub
Tin Can Raffle: Alex Wentz & Sarah Wilsher
Website: Dan Decker
Welcoming: Andrea Patterson & Jenny McCoy